15 November 2021

Krzysztof Łobodziec

Director of the Sailing Centre, a lover of wind and water. For years he has been connected with sailing, which, apart from work, is his passion. […]
15 November 2021

Marcin Raubo

President of the West Pomeranian Regional Sailing Association, commander of YKP SZCZECIN, developer, entrepreneur, regatta organizer, promoter and patron of sailing, an enthusiast of classic yachts, […]
6 December 2017

Markus Durchlaub

Chairman and co-founder of the Regatta student association, member of the Academic Sailors’ Union in Greifswald, director of the regatta and judge. He mainly sails on […]
29 November 2017

Hartmut Maertzke

Commander of Stettiner Yacht-Club e.V., Corporation. A sailor with family traditions traceable back to the 1960s and the owner of a sport yacht (41 feet), who […]
15 November 2017

Ireneusz Nowak

President of the Szczecin Shipping Board. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Maritime University in Szczecin, where he later taught classes and […]
15 November 2017

Witold Zdrojewski

a yacht captain, national-level sailing judge, sailing instructor, Commodore of the Yacht Club of the Academic Sports Association in Szczecin, academic teacher
15 November 2017

Timm Stütz

a photography artist, publicist and translator, fan and promoter of Zeesenboots.
15 November 2017

Piotr Owczarski

a sailor, kayaker, sailing activist, sailing historian, publicist, Member of the History Committee and Decorations Committee of the West Pomerania District Sailing Association, Member of the […]
15 November 2017

Maciej Krzeptowski

PhD in Natural Sciences, ichthyologist, museologist, yacht captain, sailing activist, traveller, publicist, sailing promoter, Member of the Yacht Club of the Polish Republic of Poland in Świnoujście and the Szczecin Mess of the Brotherhood of the Coast (number 80
15 November 2017

Radosław Kowalczyk

a yacht captain, one of the best Polish regatta sailors, specialising in solo ocean sailing, Member of the Polish Yacht Club in Szczecin, the Yacht Club of the Republic of Poland in Świnoujście, the Solo Sailors Club and co-founder of oceanTEAM.
15 November 2017

Agnieszka Skrzypulec

a representative of Poland in sailing, a participant of the Summer Olympic Games, a medallist in the Polish, European and World Championships.
15 November 2017

Michał Kaczmarczyk

Deputy Director of the Mayor’s Office of the Szczecin City Hall
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