Marcin Raubo
15 November 2021
Ireneusz Nowak
15 November 2017

a sailor, kayaker, sailing activist, sailing historian, publicist, Member of the History Committee and Decorations Committee of the West Pomerania District Sailing Association, Member of the Polish Yacht Club Szczecin and the Szczecin Mess of the Brotherhood of the Coast (number 127). The originator of Aleja Żeglarzy (Sailors Avenue) in Szczecin, the Szczecin Sailing Awards and many initiatives popularising sailing in Szczecin and West Pomerania. Grandson of Captain Kazimierz Haska, the pioneer of sailing and museology in Szczecin. Involved in sailing since 1974. Organiser of training voyages and sailing and canoeing trips for young people including: Expedition Iceland 2009 and Expedition Narwik 2015, during which the students from West Pomerania travelled beyond the polar circle, the Arctic.

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