Ireneusz Nowak
15 November 2017
Markus Durchlaub
6 December 2017

Commander of Stettiner Yacht-Club e.V., Corporation. A sailor with family traditions traceable back to the 1960s and the owner of a sport yacht (41 feet), who sails the Baltic Sea around Scandinavia and the other Baltic states. Stettiner Yacht-Club e. V. from Lübeck continues the activities undertaken by 26 people passionate about water sports: sailors and rowers, who in 1877 in the harbour city of Szczecin established an association called “Verein Stettiner Segler” [Association of Szczecin Sailors], which several years later became “Stettiner Yacht Club” [Szczecin Yacht Club]. Since 1948 the seat of the club has been in Lübeck. A detailed presentation of StYC and its history in a Polish language version can be found in the unique “Leksykon żeglarstwa i sportów wodnych Pomorza Zachodniego” [Glossary of sailing and water sports of West Pomerania].

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