6 December 2017

Markus Durchlaub

Chairman and co-founder of the Regatta student association, member of the Academic Sailors’ Union in Greifswald, director of the regatta and judge. He mainly sails on […]
29 November 2017

Hartmut Maertzke

Commander of Stettiner Yacht-Club e.V., Corporation. A sailor with family traditions traceable back to the 1960s and the owner of a sport yacht (41 feet), who […]
15 November 2017

Piotr Owczarski

a sailor, kayaker, sailing activist, sailing historian, publicist, Member of the History Committee and Decorations Committee of the West Pomerania District Sailing Association, Member of the […]
15 November 2017

Leszek Zdawski

Vice Commander of the Polish-German Yacht Fleet Pomerania Rotary Club Szczecin
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